How to get Google to read web article content on PC

For some people, reading articles is a fun activity. Reading will make it easier for us to remember something if it is done often. In the past, people spent a lot of time reading articles in the morning paper. Now this habit is starting to give up as we have easy access to messages that can even be selected and read online on-line in digital devices such as computers. With a bigger screen, reading articles is much more satisfactory.

The easy access to this information certainly has a good influence on the advanced learning process. However, people are characters who are never satisfied with something. People need more experience browsing articles so that they can get carried away. When it is associated in the world of psychology, it is called that feeling vellichor. Actually, Google by Web browserhis chrome provided a trick to get a different article browsing experience. chrome can read the content network in a clear tone.

Read aloud: A text-to-speak speech reader

The application we are going to use is renewal received from Chrome web store. This extension is called Reading aloud by a text-to-speak speech reader from Extensions receive added value Review 4 Star. High-quality review is owned because of the features that it has.

Extension of It supports more than 40 kinds of languages. The sound that is emitted is also loud because it uses technology Text-to-speech. This technology can run a wide variety of websites Network, from news, Blog, to formal such as lecture materials.

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Read out can also read the text contained in the PDF, Google Docs and EPUB. The resulting sound can be edited directly by the user in. to be selected Browser or about storage Cloud text-to-speech how Google Wavenet Yet Amazon.


1. Open Chrome web store then type in the search menu Read out. Select renewal what we talked about earlier is Reading aloud by a text-to-speak speech reader.

How to create Google Read web article content on PC

2. Press the Add To button chrome or Add to Chrome.

How to create Google Read web article content on PC

3. A appears Pop up who has informed renewal reads the data on the Google translate and read out any text using the method synthesized speech.

How to create Google Read web article content on PC

4. Go to the page network certain like Block and then right click on the text you want to read and then choose Reading icon. The selected text is automatically read aloud

How to create Google Read web article content on PC

5. To be able to adjust the existing sound, use the button Alt + P or Alt + O to the Break or stop, Alt + commareread.


renewal This can make your article browsing experience a lot more enjoyable. You can find out the contents of the article without looking at the computer screen. Suitable for everyone who is used to it Multitasking.

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