How to get free virtual phone numbers

Virtual number is a virtual number that can be used to receive calls or SMS like a mobile phone number WL that we use. The virtual number works for users who need a foreign number such as Japan, but the user is not a person who lives in Japan. Then the solution is to use the number virtual numbers.

Virtual phone number This system works with Call forwarding or SMS Forwarding to the phone number you used. For example, if someone or the system calls this virtual number, it will be forwarded to your real phone number.

In this tutorial we will use the service provider virtual phone number from Sonetel. So prepare the phone number to be used. A number can only be registered once, if you want to register and receive another virtual number you will need to provide many phone numbers.

1. Go to the website Select Try it for free.

2. Select the country to get the virtual phone number you want (Sonetel phone numbers that support verification using the call forwarding method to obtain line stickers are: Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Ireland)

3. For example, the author chooses Colombia, Bogota. Then dial a phone number that doesn’t have any writing on it Gold + them or Buy now. If you have chosen add this number.

4. Choose Try it for free, then complete biodata like First name, last name, email, password and the phone number you used. The phone number you registered for Call forwarding from virtual numbers.

5. A verification code will be sent to the phone number you registered.

If it is done now, please try to register the LINE messenger application. Select the appropriate country virtual number what do you have to choose from? “Better call ne instead of”.

6. Later, the line system calls your selected number Forward from virtual numbers.

Japanese Numbers can be used for LINE Manga Registration to get LINE Manga Stickers.

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• 1 number WL can only be used once to register with Sonetel.

• 1 virtual number from Sonetel can be used for 3-4 different LINE accounts in one day,

• The virtual number you are using. When you have downloaded all of the free stickers from LINE, you can loan them to your friends by giving your friends the virtual number. Later the number will be automatically moved to your friend’s account.

• Borrowing a virtual number to a friend is one way to delete a phone number from our LINE account.

• Do not exceed the use of virtual numbers for LINE for more than 4 accounts as the number will be blocked and we will no longer be able to use it in the future.

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