How to Get Free Premium Apps / Games on iPhone

Of course, for iOS users, if you want to use a paid application or game, you have to spend money to buy the application. In today’s reality, there are still many people who are lazy or not interested in buying paid applications or games. If something is free, why buy it, but just so that you know, by buying the application or game, you are already helping the application’s developers.

For everyone who wants to try it out Games or a paid application with no fee or free, you can try the tutorial below, but we hope that when you’ve tried it and are interested, buy it so that it can help other users. developer Use/Games it keeps growing!


1. Open Safari browser On your iOS device, enter “tweakboxapp“In the search box, then Tap the link at the top.

2. After entering the site “tweakboxapp“Search button”Download the app“Down and TapDownload the app“.

then TapTo install“In the upper right corner and Enter password then your iOS device TapTo install“Again (you can check the front or home screen, the application” tweakbox “is installed there).

3. Then open the Tweakbox application TapAppsafterwards in Categories TapAppstore apps“.

4. Afterwards Go to “Appstore Apps” you type in the search field Games or any desired application, Example game: Alto’s Odyssey, then Prediction game this and “To installand a message box will appear, you TapTo install” again.

(To confirm whether Games is installed, go to the main menu on the main screen or Home screen, there you can see Games Is being installed)

5. After the installation process is complete, Games it is ready to play.

Complete. This is how it is installed GamesPaid apps on iOS for free! (iPhone / iPad)

This article is for educational / learning purposes only. If you have tried the game or application and are interested in it, please purchase it so it will help game / application developers move forward!

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