How to get free hosting & domain

Who says our government is not tech literate? Who Says Our Government Is Stingy? This is evidence that for some time now the government has been aggressively giving those of us who wish to partake in tech literacy the freedom to participate in the development of the cyber world.

In addition to the 1 million donation program domain free of charge for residents, and even the government insists on giving domain for SMB companies to enter the cyber world by registering their companies in cyberspace.

If your program is about to expire and there are still many people who have not yet had the pleasure of getting a free share from the government, don’t be sad. Because then PANDI (Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager), an official institution owned by the Indonesian government, created an allocation program host + domain (Ending * for the Indonesian people to blog for free.

Oh well Hosting space given is not as great as Premium hostingbut enough for the need to blog weather. After all, it was given for free, wants everything unlimited? Lose the government. Here is the guide:


  • Your ID number
  • Active main mobile number (no fakes for the government)
  • Family card number (Can be replaced by the name of the birth mother. Can be filled in later)


1. Open network, then find and select the ENTER / CREATE BLOG menu.

2. Next you will be redirected to Landing page to create a account to be linked to later portal my ID. Just highlight below, search for and select the “Create Account” menu under the “Sign In and Agree” button

3. The next step is to fill in all the data provided with your actual data.

4. Open your email and open a confirmation message from PANDI by clicking shortcut which instructs you to confirm.

5. After your account has been confirmed, enter the portal again in the next step, log in and link it to the account you just registered. You do this by repeating the first step, namely by selecting the LOGIN / CREATE BLOG link. Then go through the settings, create a blog name (your blog title) and then your sub-domain address.

6. And you’re ready to blog with a beautiful * domain. Don’t be afraid to be difficult, wear them too user interface How did WordPress come about, so you are definitely familiar with it.

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