How to get free internet without quota with HTTP Injector

In the era modern Now the internet is our daily need, even we feel empty without the internet. Internet is what we really need now, besides, nowadays we are always looking for free internet like in parks or cafes by relying on wifi because the quota given by the operator is very expensive.

Here the author is going to give you internet hunters a trick for free by using the HTTP Injector application and an XL or Axis card on Android without having to do it Root.

HTTP Injector is an Android application used to run SSH (Safe shell) or VPN (Virtual private network) packaged to provide users with a safe Internet, and with expert system settings, this application can enable Internet use for free!


  • Android doesn’t need root. (still in root or already at it root still can).
  • Download the HTTP Injector Application.
  • prepare configurationthem (you can look in Facebook group).
  • XL or Axis starter package without credit or internet contingent.

If the prerequisites are met, we immediately start with the tutorial:

1. Open the HTTP injector application.

2. Then enter configurationthem, (by touching symbol in the upper right corner and then select configuration and Import configuration As shown below). In this tutorial, the author uses XL.

Download Config XL or please search configuration which can still be used by Facebook group.

3. Before Tap Switch off the “START” key and then switch it on again or start anew Signal your Android fresh.

4. After that Tap the “START” menu.

6. Then Tap menu “LOGS” if already connected. Congratulations, you can enjoy free internet to your heart’s content;).

Remarks : Use it wisely. Here we are using the configuration provided by other people in the group as the author was not able to create it himself configurationhis own.

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