How to get free credit with the Cashtree application

This smartphone application offers its users free credit prices when visiting website included in the application. The mobile application for generating credit is Cashtree.

Cashtree is an application from Korea and has since worked with providers in Indonesia such as Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Tri / 3 etc.

To get free credit, users need to visit Web pages, NS-To install certain applications and activate Lock screen Cashtree. After that, the user receives points which are used to exchange credits according to the number of points. The credit starts at IDR 5,000 – 50,000.

The question now is how do you get these free loan prizes? Let’s just check out the following tutorial on how to register Cash Tree!

1. Please download Cashtree app apk.

2. AfterTo install Make sure the app Smartphone You are connected to the internet.

3. Press the button start now.


4. Select the menu in the top right corner that has a SIM card icon, then enter your mobile number as shown below.


5. Press the button Verification Cell phone number automatically and make sure the number is active to receive messages from Cashtree.


6. Enter your message Verification key that you receive, this is usually filled in automatically if the SIM card is in the WL that you use.


7. Make sure that no WL If you’re correct, enter your gender and date of birth (year) to receive bonus credits from Cashtree.

8. Put a checkmark on “Buy car loan” So when your points reach 5500, you will automatically receive a bonus credit from Cashtree.

9. Tick “Lock screen” so that the Cashtree app runs as a screen lock. You will receive bonus points every time you unlock your Android.


10. The most effective way to earn points is to look for promos written on the nominal points. Like this:


11. You can earn points by installing certain applications, reading articles, following Events etc.


12. Well, you have to be diligent to earn points.Screenshot_2021-09-12-15-10-24

13. Later you can exchange it for credit. How to come after credit Then select the face value that corresponds to your points. Top up at least 5,500 credits as the author gets below: Screenshot_2021-09-12-15-10-52

13. Wait for an incoming message from M-Tronik and your Taram has free credit!Screenshot_2021-09-12-15-11-28

Hence the tutorial on how to get free credit with the Cashtree application. The author would like to take part in this free pulse hunt, Let’s go!

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