How to get free brands of electricity

Indonesia was surprised by the discovery of several people exposed to the Covid-19 virus, or more commonly known as the coronavirus, in early May. The virus, first discovered in Wuhan, China, is having a huge impact on Indonesia, especially the people, why? As the number of people affected by this virus increases day by day, the government is starting to implement policies social distancing and To work from home to interrupt the transmission chain of the virus.

However, this actually makes it difficult for some people to earn an income to meet their needs. Therefore, the government is helping to relieve its population by offering free PLN power tokens for 450 VA customers and a 50% discount for subsidized 900 VA customers for 3. provides months from May to June as an incentive for the effects of Covid 19.

This offer applies to prepaid (token) and postpaid customers. Postpaid subscribers automatically do not pay for bills from May to June 2022.

How to get free power tokens from the PLN official website:


1. Open the website in a PC browser / Smartphone she

2. Next, in the information area, select – Free / Discount PSBB Stimulus

3. Enter your power token number – then enter the adjacent code – click on Search

4. After you have entered all the required data, information about the owner of the power token will appear in the customer information and at the bottom you will receive a free token number that you can use.

Done and good luck!

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