How To Get Diamonds In Video Snack (Free)

How To Get Diamonds In Snack Video

How To Get Diamonds In Snack Video – Surely you already know and also understand that in the Video snack application wallet there is a Diamond, Scoin, and Cash menu. Even though you already know, surely you are still confused by the three menus.

You need to know and also note well that each menu in the Snack Video application wallet has different uses. You can collect diamonds for you to give or share with people who are live streaming.

While you can get Scoin from people who give diamonds when you are live streaming. You can convert your Scoin balance into rupiah balance. Next for cash is the balance you have after your coins have become rupiah.

Up to this point, of course, you already understand and it’s clear. Maybe what you are asking is how to get diamonds easily and for free. If you ask how to get coins, of course you already know.

Well, now if you are really looking for information or are looking for information about How to Get Diamonds in Snack Video for free and also paid, then you can get a tutorial or how to in the following description.

How To Get Diamonds In Snack Video

To be able to get diamonds on the Snack Video application, there are two ways you can do it. For the first way, you can top up and the second way you can get it for free by following certain missions.

How do you want to get it for the free version or the top up version. If you want to try it, then on this good occasion we will explain both ways to you so that you really know both.

How to Top Up Diamond Snack Video

The first way is to do a top up. So far, there has been no online site agent that has collaborated with Snack Video in the context of selling Diamonds. For that, you can follow the method or you can top up with the mechanism that has been prepared

For the method, the first step you have to prepare is to make sure your Play Store balance is available. Next, please enter the application and select the coin icon. On the rupiah balance, click withdraw and click on the diamond again. Next, please select the package you want to buy

  • 70 Diamonds 16 thousand
  • 490 Diamonds 109 thousand
  • 1400 Diamonds 309 thousand
  • 4200 Diamonds 990 thousand
  • 7000 Diamonds 1.5 million

How To Get Free Diamond Snack Video

If you object to the price of diamonds which are listed above and want to have diamonds for free, then you can do the second way. You can do this second method for free and also patent

Then how should we do if we really want to get diamonds for free. The method is quite easy and not complicated. Please go to the Snack Video application. Then look for users who are doing live streaming

Watch the live stream and make sure that on the chest icon there is a rotating yellow circle. Your task is to watch the live until the yellow circles are completely unified. Next, you can click the chest icon to claim the diamond prize.

Do this step or method repeatedly if you really want to get a free diamond gift. Please share this news or good news with your friends who use this application. Maybe they need this information

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If that’s all we can share and also explain to you. Hopefully what we share and explain on this occasion you can understand well. That’s what we can present about How to Get Diamonds in Snack Videos. Thank you

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