How to get data from another worksheet in Excel

Microsoft Excel is an application based on Spreadsheets Often used in finance related jobs where Ms. Excel makes it easy for users to process numbers (math), this application has many formulas that you can find on the internet or on the Microsoft Excel official website.

Have in Microsoft Excel worksheets bottom or sub-worksheets where you have more than 1. can have bottom at 1 Files Excel, this is of course provided by Microsoft (the manufacturer of the Microsoft Excel application), which is supposed to make it easier for users to process a lot of data, bottom referred to as sheet in the MS Excel application.

Examples of data processing that the author meant above, such as the collection of data for sheet otherwise on your worksheet, here is how.

1. You create a new worksheet or you can continue your worksheet

2. Make sure your Excel worksheet has more than 1. contains sheet

3. Then make sure you know the location Cells or column and row positions in data in a sheet you want to include, for example in the picture below where Cellsher is B3

4. Then you open sheet otherwise you tap Cells what you want, you type

= Sheet! Cells

Example: in the above case, the data to be retrieved is in sheet Page 1 and Cells At Page 1 it is B3, then you can just type it in like

= Sheet1! B3

5. So when you click Enter At keyboard The text changes according to the data you want to retrieve


Note: You can use other formulas that you know and combine with the above formula. If the data at the source is changed, the data at the receiver will also change according to the source. If you don’t want the data at the recipient to remain unchanged due to changes to the data at the source, you should copy paste just the data manually.

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