How to get all skins, pets and hats for free at Among Us

The game going viral right now is very interesting, why? because the game that is played in groups is very exciting when discussing who the cheater is. The others will accuse him of murder, which is not necessarily true.

About play among us

Among us is a game platform that is very popular with many people today, in this game it is divided into two teams consisting of 10 (ten) members. The team is divided into impostors and crewmates. In this game, the cheater and the crew member argue with each other by slandering themselves or others. In general, the gameplay is almost identical to the game ‘Werewolf’.

In the game between us there are items such as hats, pets and skins, but unfortunately they are not free and available for free skins will make you sultan and look different from all the other players hehehe. How then? Check out the tutorial below.

So get all of the free skins, pets, and hats among us

1. The first step is to delete or uninstall the Among Us game apk on your smartphone (Android and iPhone).

2. After uninstalling the original version, please download the modified version of the Among Us application from the link below: Among Us Modified Version Menu

3. Once downloaded, install the modified version of Among Us. Then run the game.

4. You can select and use any skins you want. This is how you look like a sultan in the game hehehe ..

5. Do not update this version of Among Us using your Play Store or App Store, wait for updates or updates of articles on Inwepo.

Done, good luck and have fun playing, impostor!

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