How to Get All QUIZZIZ Answer Keys

Since the Covid-19 pandemic (Corona), various forms of learning such as tests and replication have been carried out online. One of the online learning applications used is Quizizz. This online learning application contains the best applications for educators and teachers. There are classes from elementary school through secondary school to high school.

This application is typically used by teachers / teachers as a tool to conduct online exams. This quizizz is pretty user friendly, just log in by email, then take the quiz and see the results immediately. Of course, this feels effective for teachers as they don’t have to go through the trouble of correcting tens to hundreds of student papers.

On the downside, however, this worries about the grades they’ll get after taking the tests on offer. Hence, for those of you taking the quiz, it would be nice to study first for maximum results. The learning process is to look at the answer key first, and from there you will learn many questions that will be used as quizzes.

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1. Open the browser application and enter the keyword “Quizziz Admin”. Or if you want it quick, go to the URL

2. Create a fake or fake account and enter the quiz application. Select the option as a teacher / educator to have access to the answer key as only educators / teachers can have the answer key

How to get all QUIZZIZ answer keys

3. After logging in, look for the test you want to know the answer to in the search for the content of the lesson given by your teacher to find out the answer key. For example “Economic Systems” if you want to find answers to a questionnaire from an economics degree or degree.

How to get all QUIZZIZ answer keys

5. In the last step, tap on “Show answer” for each question.

How to get all QUIZZIZ answer keys



As mentioned earlier, being a teacher and posing as a teacher is not difficult in this application. And that is the weakness of this application that there is no review as a teacher or anyone can access the teacher’s property.

Remember, this information is not just there to teach you how to cheat before the exam. So be wise to accept the knowledge that you get from school as well as elsewhere because if you use that knowledge to cheat, you will surely never be smart and lie to yourself.

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