How to get Adhan notifications by location and daily Koran quotes

Would you like to receive prayer times and calls for prayer notifications according to your location? And would you like to receive Islamic content and interesting quotes from the Koran on a daily basis? Let’s follow Tutorialsit down.

As a devout Muslim it is of course our duty to keep praying wherever we are. Especially for us or for every adult and mature man. Prayer is a must that must be performed.

However, due to our busy daily activities, we sometimes cannot remember exactly the prayer plan we are in.

It is very important for us to know prayer plans or get reminders of prayer times. So that we don’t miss this important service. Now we don’t have to worry anymore, at a time when there are millions of advanced technologies, now we can receive a prayer reminder schedule and call to prayer by location.

Not to mention that we can get a wide variety of interesting Islamic content as well. We also receive unique quotations from the Koran or quote interesting to always remember as Muslims.

Well, if you want to know how, let’s go straight to the review and the full steps to get call to prayer notifications and interesting quotes from Quran Smartphone you are the next.

Video tutorials


1. The first step, please you download First the Umma application.

2. In the second step, open the Umma application directly Tap Then activate menu Tap the Allow menu to allow the app to access the device’s location.

3. Third step, Tap Then activate the menu again Tap the icon Prayer times to set notifications.

4. The fourth step to adjust the city directly Tap the search icon above then look for the location of your city. If you tapped the prayer menu, then Tap the icon equipment Enter settings.

5. Step five, Tap or activate the notification button for the call to prayer, don’t forget to set it volumehis. then Tap Azan test menu. If the notification isn’t working properly, just open the settings menu in Smartphone Then look for the app or applications menu.

6. Sixth step, Tap Manage next application menu Tap Autostart menu.

7. Seventh step, Tap Menu More Authorizations and activate all existing authorizations.

8. Eighth step, Tap Notifications menu and enable any notifications you need.

9. The ninth step to get the content of the Quranic quote Tap Menu of the Koran then later Tap Quran quotes menu. Well, you can get a lot of content in this menu or Quotes Interesting about Islam and the Koran. You can also save and share it with Tap the icon Badges and also Forward.

Hence the tutorial on how to get adhan notifications by location and daily Koran quotations. Hope it’s useful.

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