How to get a verified account on Instagram

The blue check mark next to the name of a well-known Instagram account such as an artist or a company is an official sign directly from Instagram to make it easier for users. Internet users in search of the artist or the company, with a blue tick we don’t need to be afraid of being wrong follow Artist, because normally every artist would already have a blue tick.


  • Famous artists or celebrities, be they movie players, singers, writers, music groups and others.
  • Famous sports players such as soccer players, basketball players, boxers, etc.
  • Well-known personalities from politics, business, civil servants, business people and other important personalities.
  • Certain companies or brands.
  • Individual accounts with many followers.
  • Lots of fake accounts or lots of fake accounts about him.


1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Go to the “Profiles “.

3. Go to Options or Settings, look for the Report a Problem menu“.

4. Then select “Send feedback”.

5. Review the section profile and Tap Arrow.

6. Enter the following words in the column:

“Hello my name is xxxxxx I work as xxxxxx“I’m famous in my town, I want to ask for a verified bank badge so people can find me easily.” (Change letter xxxxxx be your name and profession).

7. Enter photo ID for faster process. Wait 1 – 4 weeks for the confirmation process.

One of the above conditions must be met in order to: a Verified account on your Instagram account

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