How to get a regional Apple ID for the USA via iTunes without a VPN server

For those of you Apple users who you are naturally familiar with Apple ID, this is the ID that Apple users use to access and download the App Store, be it the iBooks Store or the iTunes Store . As we know, the content is likely to vary in each country. For example, there has been much discussion between the regional motions of Indonesia and the United Kingdom and the United States (USA), especially the U.S. region, and the motions in this region are the most complete among other regions.

So it doesn’t seem like it is done for you netizens, especially iOS users, if you don’t have a US regional Apple ID. For this time I will share a little tutorial information “How to have a US regional Apple ID without a VPN Server”.

To make it easier to practice, this time I am giving information that you have an Apple ID with iTunes and you don’t need a VPN server.

Apple ID

Step 1. Open iTunes.

As I have already informed, this time I will give you an Apple ID through iTunes. So, first of all, make sure that the iTunes you are using is the latest version.

Step 2. Sign out Apple ID.

Since we are creating a new Apple ID, you will of course have to sign out with your Apple ID first.

Step 3. Go to the App Store.

Once you’ve entered the App Store, look at the top line of text on the far right, scroll down to the right, then find a round icon with a flag and press it.

Step 4. Change the appearance

If the steps you took are correct, the display will look like this image, select United States.

Apple ID 2

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