How to Get a Free US Virtual Number

Some users on the Internet usually use virtual numbers for verification purposes or to register applications Chat (Instant messaging service). Many virtual number service providers offer USA / US country numbers (United States) is free, but most of these numbers can no longer be used and are blocked from application registration Chat.

To solve this problem, we need to try the virtual numbers one by one, whether they can still be used or not, and search the internet for new free virtual number providers who provide the system Attempt.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to get a free US virtual number that you can use to register for the LINE messenger application. By using virtual US numbers, LINE users can get around 30 free permanent LINE sikers (with no expiration date). Here is the guide:

1. To obtain a US virtual number, we can use a Sonetel virtual number service provider. Go to the Sonetel website.

Go to the website address

2. Before registering, please try each one. Can the number be used to register in the application? Chat like LINE Messenger or not. When you try to enter the number, you will see the words “invalid number”. Please try a different number.

The trick is to get an even faster number fresh and can be used ie with Update Browser you please Update Reset site address

Repeat the process, trying the number until the number is ready to use.

3. If you have received a valid number, please proceed to the next step to register.

4. Enter your name, email address, password and your original mobile number. (For name and email, it is okay to use fake information, but for cell phone numbers, it must be valid and can be contacted).

The mobile number can only be used for 1x registration. So if you have used it before, it cannot be registered again on the Sonetel website. (Please buy another cheap mobile number at the counter).

5. Next you will will Verification SMS or verification phone from Sonetel to get the registration code. Enter the verification code.

6. Next you will be redirected to the page dashboard Sonetel site, then Copy/ copy the phone number to LINE.

7. Open the LINE application, go to the profile menu, then register the virtual number with LINE.

Enter the virtual telephone number and select the country United States.

How to register a virtual number with LINE was explained in the previous tutorial. For those who read it, please read it first. Read: How To Download LINE Stickers With Virtual Numbers For Free Forever

The last step is to open a sticker shop and bring up the menu tab FOR FREE.

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