How to get a free Fire Redeem Code (FF) October 2022

Free Fire offers different types of trinkets that players can use. These can be used in the form of skin items, new characters, pets, and more.

Still, most of these items need to be obtained using coins or diamonds. But spinners don’t have to worry. Garena often offers redemption codes that players can redeem for cool prizes.

This article describes how SPIN Esports can get a Free Fire (FF) redemption code for October 2022.

Free Fire social media account

Free Fire Indonesia instagram account

One of the best ways to get your Free Fire redemption code right now is to follow your official Free Fire social media account.

It can follow not only official FF Indonesia accounts, but also FF social media accounts in other countries such as Brazil, India and Latino.

These accounts typically post to a location that contains a large number of redemption codes that players can activate.

Some of these codes are also international codes, so you don’t have to worry about whether these codes will work in Indonesia.

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Free Fire Tournament

Differences in FFML Season 2

Garena frequently hosts major Free Fire tournaments each year. Like Indonesia, there are Free Fire Masters League and Free Fire Indonesia Masters here.

But on an international scale, there are many other big FF tournaments, especially the Free Fire World Cup.

In these tournaments, you can usually find lots of free redemption codes that you can redeem.

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This redemption code can usually be found in the pre-match or post-match segments. Therefore, the host announces that there are some free redemption codes that can be activated.

However, you will be competing with other viewers, so you need to know how to activate your redemption code quickly.

How to enable the Free Fire redemption code

If you get the redemption code you need, it will compete with other FF players to activate it, so you need to move quickly to activate the redemption code.

Fortunately, this method is not that difficult. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox and search for “”.This page Redemption center On the official Garena Free Fire website
  2. Log in to your Free Fire account via your Google / Facebook / VK / Huawei ID.
  3. Copy the redemption code you have, enter all the required details to make the process run smoothly, then press the confirm button
  4. If successful, you will be able to find the redeemed rewards from the redemption code in the “Vault tab” of the game lobby.
  5. If your winnings are in the form of coins or diamonds, you can immediately see the increase in your account amount.

The redemption code runs out quickly and should be moved as soon as you find it.

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If you receive an error message when entering your redemption code, you may have made a typo and re-entered your redemption code correctly, or it was too late because another player redeemed the code.

Here’s how to get your October 2022 Free Fire (FF) redemption code:Don’t forget to visit SPIN website Follow your account for more information Instagram And Youtube we.

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