How to get a custom room card FF directly from Galena!

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player Free fire (FF) Increasing in all countries, especially Indonesia, creating an extraordinary esports team.

Surprisingly, this game became the number one game on the Google Play store until October 2022.

There are so many features that FF offers, and really cool skins and costumes that won’t let players get bored.

One of the features Garena offers to players is Custom room card, Used to make your own room to play with friends.

It’s almost like creating a private custom room in any other game, but since it’s a battle royale game, you can’t create your own room.

I need an item Custom room card This is so that you can create your own room with your friends.

So, here’s an easy way to get a room card these days!

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Get a custom room card from Galena!

A common way to collect room cards is to use dog tags as a means of exchange.

Can be collected 1800 dog tag This is necessary so that you can get one one-time-use room card with your guild friends.

If you don’t want to collect enough dog tags, or if you don’t, you can access them right away FFCT website Official room cards can now be obtained from Galena.

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Free Fire Community Tournament (FFCT) Is a community officially created by Galena for players who want to create offline tournaments, or tournaments that are there.

Therefore, once you set a clear goal on your website, you will be provided with a custom room card to start your tournament.

The method is very simple. Simply open the link provided and you will be able to enter the required data such as the tournament date, prizes, and other data about the tournament.

Once confirmed, you’ll soon have a custom room card to start your tournament!

Well, how? You first try to access the FFCT website. This website knows if it has been approved and confirmed by Galena to get a custom room card.

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