How to get 100 GB of free cloud storage for data backup

storage something very important lately. Because of this, it is now not surprising that there are so many storage media that belong to all people. From children to store data processed for their schoolwork, to parents to store files offline for private or business needs.

When talking about storage media, there are actually 2 types of media. The first is in the form of offline. For example Flash disk, hard disk, and other. Well, for the second medium, it’s in the form of Online storage. Such media can only be accessed by the owner on the Internet.

You can get access to Cloud storage This is a fairly large capacity for us, a good 100 GB (100,000 MB). This medium is Cold store. That means you can save data offline only for private use, not distributable (not divisible) and can be used for Restore Backup. How to get 100 GB of free cloud storage.

1. Open Landing page Page? ˅ This link is the original link from Landing page their promotion. no Referral link or similar. So sure.

2. Enter the data according to your personal data on the right and press the button: “ACTIVATE NOW “.

3. After everything is filled in and click the button activate now, then you have accomplished it 100 GB cloud storage for free by Zoolz. For even more excitement, download their app for platform Windows so the process Fuse and restore Data so much easier.

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