How to Gacha in The War of Genesis

Hello handsome and beautiful The War of Genesis players. Chunchunmaru wants to tell you how the gacha system is and how to gacha in this game. For those who don’t know this game, first check this article: The War of Genesis. Come on, if you already know the game, check out the gacha:

Gacha in The War of Genesis

As in gacha-based online games in general, The War of Genesis is the same. Gacha is needed to get the desired hero or weapon. However, the Gacha in this game is different from the others. Gacha The war of Genesis is very challenging and requires high luck to get the desired hero.

Gacha 4 Star and 5 Star

war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
The War of Genesis Gacha

In this gacha you can immediately get a hero with a 4 Star or 5 Star rarity level. If you want to get 4 Stars you have to pay 15 summon stones per gacha, while for 5 Stars it costs 25 summon stones per gacha.

The gacha method is that you will be asked to guess the location of your favorite hero among the 7×7 chessboard. If you guess wrong, you will get essence from other heroes that you can collect to summon. The advantage of this gacha is that you can directly choose what hero you want to summon, even if you fail to guess, the summon rate of the hero you want will increase.

Normal Summon

war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
The War of Genesis Normal Summon

In the normal summon in the game The War of Genesis, you can’t directly choose what hero you want like in Summon 4 Star or 5 Star. But you don’t need to be afraid to guess wrong between the 7×7 chessboard, because all the boards have heroes. But if your luck dries up, you will get a 1 star hero. The price for this summon is one summon ticket or 1000 diamonds which you can buy through the shop.

Type Summon

war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
Type Summon

This Gacha is the most different from other MMORPG games. You can summon other personas with different elemental powers, with an element-specific appearance. The condition is that you must have the same hero with different elements. The price offered is different depending on the star of your hero by using the spirit stone as the currency.

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