How to fix old photos without apps on Android / iOS

Photo means a still image in black and white or color created by a camera that records an object or event at a specific point in time. Photos are a form that is often used as a memory.

Of course, if the photos are taken with a digital camera like today, you don’t need to worry. Photos avoid damage such as matte and smudges appearing. Then what about old photos? In front of digital cameras and smartphones, we took photos with analog photos. Analog photos that used to be taken now look dull and have a lot of blemishes.

But you don’t have to worry, with the times and the advancement of technology, there are currently many applications based on Android or IOS and websites that offer old photo repair services. The result is that not only is the photo converted to digital form, but it also appears clearer and any smudges on the photo will disappear. To fix photos easily and quickly without having to download an application, we can use the application website

Then how can you fix old photos without using an application? It’s easy, let’s follow a few simple steps below.


1. Open any browser application installed on your computer or gadget device. Enter the website address Click buttonSelect file to take photos or old photo takers from the gallery.

Click ‘camera‘to take an old photo, or click’Discover‘to find and select old photos already available in the gallery of your computer or gadget. Here the author uses photos that are already on the device. Oh yes, the maximum photo size is 10 MB with a resolution of 3000 px x 3000 px. Select a photo and click the Done button.

2. Click the button begin Start editing. Before the application processes the photo, the application will be displayed crate construction. Select Enter picture. choose size Upscaling or enlarge the photo. For the free version, this application only offers 2x and 4x photo enlargement, while for the paid version, this application offers 8x to 16x photo enlargement. Select Noise reduction or refine photos. Noise reduction is used to remove the stains in the photo. Click button OK.

3. Wait for the process to complete. Click button download when the photo is ready.

4. Done, isn’t it ?.

This is the explanation of the How to Fix Old Photos Without Application tutorial. Much luck.

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