How to Fix Navigation Keys Not Working on Android

Have you guys ever? Android Phone you fell and then the navigation buttons cracked? Worse yet, the navigation buttons are even broken and don’t work at all.

Wow! That’s the component of the navigation button that has been badly damaged, guys. But, don’t worry, guys, you can outsmart it by using a help application from Android.

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Broken Navigation Keys? Here’s How To Overcome It!

Well, one way to overcome this is to use an application Soft Keys. The application is useful to replace the navigation buttons that do not work.

Using the application is also easy and of course you don’t have to use it.root. Well, it’s better to just take a look, let’s look at how to fix this navigation button that doesn’t work, guys..

Change Navigation Keys Using Applications’Soft Keys’

  • First, Download and install application Soft Keys.
Soft Keys

Soft Keys Application

  • Second, After that set the position or layout of the navigation. Well, for navigation it is below tapBottom‘. If you want on the right tapRight‘, left tap ‘Left‘ and if you want it to be at the top tapTop‘. For example, the following image uses the layout below.

Select Bottom

  • ThirdAfter that, you can also adjust the size of the navigation buttons by sliding them to the right. In addition, you can also display the button ‘Back‘ or ‘Return‘. Next to activate the application Soft Keys tap knob ‘Settings – Accessibility‘.
Settings Soft Keys

Select Settings – Accessibility

  • Fourth, Next will go to features Tap accessibilitySoft Keys – Home Back Button> Then swipe toggle to the right to activate the navigation key feature.
Activate Soft Keys

Select Accessibility Soft Keys

  • FifthAfter that a confirmation dialog box will appear, just go ahead tap knob ‘Okay‘.

Select OK

  • Now! Now you have the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen Android Phone hey guys!
Android Smartphone Navigation Keys

Navigation Keys

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So, how are you smart? You already know how to fix the navigation buttons on Android. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, just write it down in the comments column below here

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