How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found in Pokemon Go (Android and iOS)

Of course, if you’re just starting out to play Pokemon Go, you’ll see a message the first time GPS signal not found in Smartphone You, it’s been a natural thing since it was first opened Games This looks for a GPS signal to determine where you are. Hence, you need to be in a place that is covered by a GPS signal and a stable internet connection.

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Especially for those of you who live in rural areas where there are still few and hard-to-reach GPS signals, you will need to go downtown so don’t expect to be able to play Games This works fine if you live in an area where it is difficult to get an internet connection and GPS.

How to fix GPS signal not found in Pokemon GO for Android and iOS users:

For iOS users

1. Sign in to the settings, Select Privacy, Select Location services, Tap stud AT to activate and the Pokemon GO app must also be activated.

How to Fix GPS Not Found in Pokemon Go iOS

2. If you are still signed in to the settings, Select General, Select Reset to default and choose Reset network settings and start anew.

For Android users

1. Sign in to the settings, Select Location, Touch the key AT and go to the menu mode then choose High precision Use GPS, WiFi, and cellular networks to determine your location.

How to Fix GPS Not Found on Pokemon Go Android

2. Also make sure that the functions pretended location disabled, please check. Added settings, Select Developer options then turn off Allow bogus locations.

Allow wrong location disable android

For those who have never activated the function Developer options The method:

1. Sign in to settings and choose Via phone.

2. Touch Menu Build number 7 times until you see a message You are a developer now.

3. When a message appears you are a developer now back to settings there is a menu later Developer options.

Remarks: Make sure you are in an area that is covered by internet and GPS signals, please check GMap and new status when the GPS status is silent Looking for up to more than 10 minutes and no status received Location set via GPS. means that there is no GPS signal at your current location.

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