How to Fix Corrupt Files on Flashdisk

Surely you have never found a corrupt file on the flash drive? Yups, corrupted files are files that are damaged and cannot be opened. Well, you can also deal with corrupted files on the flash.

Besides, you can also disappear shortcut virus on flash. The virus can also cause the flash drive to be unreadable and formatted. But don’t worry, there are ways to fix the flash drive that is not readable and can’t be formatted easily.

Then, how do you fix a corrupt file on a flash drive? I’m curious. Alright, just take a look, guys.

Characteristics of Corrupt Files on Flashdisk

Characteristics of Corrupt Files on Flashdisk

Before discussing how to fix a corrupt file on a flash drive, you must first know the characteristics of a corrupt file. Well, here are the characteristics of a corrupted file:

  • The data/file is unreadable or cannot be opened.
  • Data / files are lost from the flash.
  • Data/files are infected with malware viruses.
  • The flash drive is damaged.

Cause Files Become Corrupt on Flashdisk

Cause Files Become Corrupt on Flashdisk

If you have previously discussed the characteristics of a corrupt file, you should also know the reason why the file is corrupt. Well, the following causes the file to become corrupted:

  • Often remove and plug the flash from the PC.
  • Too often move data and delete data on the flash.
  • Flash has a substandard quality.

Well, you already know the characteristics and causes of corrupted files. Alright, now let’s discuss how to solve it below.

How to Overcome Corrupt Files on Flash Drive Quickly

1. How to Overcome Corrupt Files Through CMD

  • First, open Run by pressing ‘Windows logo + R> Then type ‘CMD‘ and click ‘Ok‘.

Type CMD

  • Second, then type ‘CHKDSK /f F:‘ Oh yes if your flash directory is in H: or M: Can you change the rear format, guys? For example ‘CHKDSK /f H:‘.

Type CHKDSK /f H:

  • Third, then wait for the directory scanning process to finish. ah, you can check whether it can be opened or not the corrupted file.

Directory Scanning Process

2. How to Fix Corrupt Files Through Windows Explore

  • First, open ‘File Explorer> Then click right on your flash directory and clickProperties‘.

Select Properties

  • Second, after that clickTools‘ on the Menu Bar > Then click knob ‘Check‘.

Select Check

  • Third, then clickScan and Repair Drive‘.

Select Scan and Repair Drive

  • If so, a notification will appearYour Drive Was Successfully Scanned‘. Well, you can click knob ‘Close‘ and check for corrupted files on your flash drive.

Your Drive Was Successfully Scanned

3. How to Fix Corrupt Files Through CMD Administrator

  • First, you search first ‘CMD> Then click right and select ‘Run as Administrator‘ or you can press ‘WinKey + X‘.

Select Run as Administrator

  • Second, then type ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth‘ and press ‘Enter‘ on the keyboard.

Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

  • Third, then wait for the restore process to status ‘Successfully‘.

Status Restore Successfully

  • Fourth, then type ‘SFC /SCANNOW‘ and press ‘Enter‘ on the keyboard.


  • Fifth, then wait for the scan process to finish and you can see the corrupted file on your flash drive.

Scan Process

How to Prevent Corrupt Files on Flashdisk

If you don’t want the file to be corrupt or unreadable, you can try how to prevent the file from being corrupted on the flash drive.

1. Routine Scanning

Routine Scanning

The first way you have to do is to regularly scan. This is so that there are no viruses that attack files on your PC.

One of the viruses could be a shortcut virus. But don’t worry, you can disappear shortcut virus. Well, you can use the best antivirus application to scan files on the flash.

2. Don’t Remove and Install Flashdisk Too Often

Remove and Install the Flashdisk

The second way to prevent it is to not too often remove and install the flash. This is so that the files that are on the flash are not hidden by the PC so that they become files that can only be accessed by the PC.Read Only‘.

3. Routinely Backup Files

Routinely Backup Files

The third way is to regularly backup files. In order to avoid corrupt files, you can save them on Google Drive or it can be in an online cloud storage service.

4. Update Antivirus Applications

Antivirus Application Update

The fourth way to prevent it is to keep updating the antivirus application. Because, by continuing to update it will prevent malware virus attacks on files on the flash.

So, how are you smart? You already know the characteristics, causes, how to overcome and also how to prevent corrupt files on the flash drive. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, you can really write them in the comments column below, okay?

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