How to Fix Can’t Play Videos on Google Drive

Who doesn’t know Google today? Yes, anyone or user Smartphone Everyone knows one of the best services in the world, Google. Google itself was founded by two founders, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Both are postgraduate doctoral students (overseas doctoral degrees) at Stanford University in California, USA. Right now, Google is constantly developing and innovating to be the best service in the world. Google helps a lot and makes the jobs and affairs of the people who use it easier. One of those Google Drive services.

Benefits of Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage service for documents, photos, songs, and videos. This service is a service that is a package when we compose an email made with Google Email (Gmail). Google Drive is free to use and can be accessed using either a smartphone or a PC with an internet connection.

Not only there, Google Drive also offers a capacity of about 15GB (Gigabytes) File storage that can be saved in the service. However, if there are bottlenecks in the capacity provided, we canUpdate Google Drive storage capacity by purchasing more storage from Google.

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The benefits of Google Drive don’t end there. File storage services on Google Drive can also save files that are very heavy, such as: B. Documents software as well as high resolution video files. The videos that we upload to Google Drive can be accessed and viewed at any time if there is an internet connection.

A common obstacle in Google Drive is that video files often fail to open when the file takes up enough space, which often causes the Google Drive service to become unresponsive even if the file cannot be opened at all. This time, inwepo is providing a tutorial on how to solve a video on Google Drive that cannot be played, here is the tutorial.


1. Open Google Drive on the PC.

2. Click the three dots in the upper right corner and select Menu the settings.

3. Then scroll down and click menu “Cookies and other website data

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4. Continue in the menu General Settings Select “allow all cookies

5. Then, Refresh page the Google Drive website.

6. Finally, play the video that you want to play on Google Drive.

7. After the video is ready, it can be played again.

A couple of tutorials on how to resolve a video on Google Drive that can’t be played, hopefully it can be useful.

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