How to fix Can’t install Adobe CC on Mac OS error

This time the author would like to share the installation experience software Adobe on the Macintosh the Error or fail. If you experience the same thing during installation software Adobe CC (Creative cloud), for example when installing Adobe Illustrator there is a message Error ‚ÄúThis installation cannot continue because the installation file may be damaged. Download the installation file again. “

Actually the file is not Error or corrupteven if you try to download it many times, the result will be the same.

I don’t know why it can’t beTo install Maybe because the author here is trying to do itinstall a software Old version of Adobe.

To solve this problem, allow the file Adobe installer may be To install on our Mac please follow the tutorial below:

Download Adobe CC

1. Run software Your Adobe that cannot be downloadedTo install, click on Plumber Adobe or right clickOpen minded“.

2. When it is open and visible Installer icon Adobe as shown below, then right click Show package contents“.

3. Go to the folder contents – Mac OS, then click on File To install.

4. After that it will be automatic Plumber Adobe will run as shown below.

Additional information: If there is a message conflict please click skip and close all software another running Adobe. For example now again To install Adobe Illustrator, then open / run Adobe Photoshop, that wasTo install on your Mac please close (close) First.

5. Wait for the installation to complete. Hurray worked, good luck

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