How to fix black background on Windows 10 folder icons

How to overcome black background in Windows 10 folders – Those of you Windows users must have encountered various problems while using Windows normally, e.g. Configurations on Windows.

One of the problems that occurs is the black box or background behind the folder icon. This is certainly annoying, although it doesn’t affect performance as it reduces the beauty of Windows. Problems like this are caused by the large number of thumbnails of folders that pile up on the system.

But you don’t have to worry, this problem can be solved easily. How to solve the black box or black background in the Windows folder.

How to fix black background in Windows 10 folder

1. Right-click in Windows Explorer Local hard drive (C , then choose properties.

2. On the tab Generally, Select Disk cleanup.

3. Then a tab will appear Disk cleanup, and just tick Thumbnails.

4. Click on OKand wait for the thumbnail removal process to complete.

5. When you are done, the folder icon will return to its original state and the black box on the folder icon will disappear and Windows will look cleaner again.

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