How to find the nearest mosque using an Android phone

Of course, if we travel far, it will be difficult to find a mosque to worship when the time comes. Because we may not know the area we are going through. But don’t worry, this time inwepo has a surefire trick to ensure that you don’t miss any prayer times and that you can quickly find the nearest mosque.

The entry into the holy month of Ramadan is certainly a moment that all Muslims around the world have been waiting for. It is no wonder that during the month of Ramadan, many Muslims increasingly compete to increase their practice and worship. There are so many worship activities that we can do each day in order to continue receiving rewards during this holy month, such as the Quran, night prayers, and of course, fasting.

Well, when we talk about prayer, when we are in a strange area or place, or maybe traveling out of town. Of course, it will be difficult to find a mosque or prayer room for worship. But make yourself comfortable, with the help of modern technology we will find the nearest mosque, even if we are in a strange place. how does? episode Tutorials Completely.


1. Make sure you havedownload andTo install Nearby mosque application.

2. Tap on the 3 lines in the upper left corner to bring up another menu. then Tap Mosque menu nearby. Don’t forget to give access permission in the app for it to work properly.

3. Wait a while later, several points of the mosque or prayer room near you will appear. Tap then on the green pin icon Tap symbol Directions below.

4. You will be redirected to cards to show the distance traveled and the estimated time of arrival. Tap Start following Google’s navigation.

So the tutorial on how to find the nearest mosque with an Android phone. Hope it’s useful.

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