How to find the desired picture / photo with the camera

The existence of rapidly advancing and growing technology is indeed very helpful in making human work easier. Whatever is available in the form of an application that just needs to be downloaded download on app market.

With its existence, all forms of information, articles and references on the internet are available with just a tap and say what you are looking for. But have you always wanted to do an image search but didn’t know the name or scan it? Barcodes go shopping without typing and talking? You can do this by using the camera or by taking pictures or objects that you want to search Smartphone your Android,

If you are a user Smartphone Android Samsung S8 or S8 + image search function or photos via camera is already embedded in the Bixby application, but what about other Android users who don’t have the Bixby application? for this you can use Google’s application called Google Goggles. Here is the guide:

1. Download Google Goggles Android app

2. After Set up, run the Google Goggles application, you will see on the home screen permission Language support and a short introduction with information on how to search with images. Select Keep going then Next.

3. Next you will be asked to make a selection permission Network used to search for images. Select Via WLAN or cellular network which means the search network to use is Wireless Internet access if available, or standard data. Next keep going.

4. After that, your camera will be activated automatically, which means that the image search can be carried out. All you have to do is aim at your target object, Tap symbol camera on the object, then the image will be analyzed automatically until the options found are displayed at the bottom of the screen that you can visit.

5. After your visit, you will be redirected to the Google search page to find the image you want. You can also choose an application Browser you want to use. So done, the search image has been found.

How about, easy right?

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