How to find the closest restaurants to Iftar on Android

For those of you fasting out of town or traveling and not familiar with the area, finding a place to eat for the iftar will certainly be difficult. Well, the following method can be helpful in finding a restaurant or place to eat to break your fast.

Fasting is a compulsory worship that must be performed by all Muslims in the world during the month of Ramadan. By resisting lust and all temptations from sunrise to sunset. These include hunger and thirst.

As we know, the month of fasting or Ramadan is used by many people not only to increase their faith, but also as a meeting place. By holding an iftar together.

However, sometimes we struggle to find the right restaurant or eatery to break the fast. Not to mention whether we’re out and about or the streets are congested, we certainly can’t get home in time to break our fast.

But don’t worry, inwepo has interesting tips to help you find the best restaurants or eateries in your area to break your fast.

How to Find the Nearest Fast Breaking Restaurant on Android.

Video tutorials:


1. Just open the Google Maps application in Smartphone each. Next, enter “restaurants nearby” in the search box. If so, it will be displayed Symbols Fork spoon. Tap one to see information from the location to be addressed.

2. Use the menu above to filter the restaurant search according to your needs. Next Tap Directions to get directions / paths to the location. then Tap Begin.

3. Go on Tap Go ahead and follow Google’s directions to the location to get to your destination faster.

This is a tutorial on how to find the nearest restaurant to break your fast on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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