How to find Qibla Direction online without application (Android & iOS)

Prayer is an obligation that must be carried out by Muslims around the world. Turning to the qibla while praying is a condition of valid prayer. As we know, the qibla leads to the Kaaba or Kaaba.

On May 27, 2022 at 4:18 pm WIB, the sun was directly over the Kaaba or Kaaba. The Ministry of Religions (Kemenag) invites Muslims across Indonesia to re-examine the direction of qibla. With Qibla Finder,Google’s new website, you can find Qibla Direction online, just with a smartphone browser (Android and iOS) without additional applications. Would you like to know how to find the correct qibla direction? Here is how.

Video tutorials


1. Go to the website in the browser Smartphone (Android & iOS) or enter Qibla Finder in your browser.

2. Tap or Choose English and choose Indonesia.

3rd Tap or Select the Go button.

4th Tap or Choose the OK button.

5. After that Smartphone They will ask for permission for GPS and camera access to begin determining the qibla direction.

6th Tap or Select the ALLOW button (camera access),

7th Tap or Select the ALLOW button (location access).

8th. Tap or Select the Calibrate button and follow the instructions. If it is already Tap or Select the Done button.

And you will be told the exact qibla direction according to the location where you are.

How to find the direction of Qibla on-line without application. This method is perfect for those of you who are on a trip or returning home when you want to pray in a hotel or inn but do not know the direction of qibla. much luck

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