How to find Pokemon with the real-time card scanner (Google account)

Previously, Bro Fadli TN published a tutorial on how to find rare Pokémon with the card scanner, but only for Ptc accounts.

Here the author will develop it so that this map scanner can also be used for Google accounts. It’s a shame if we already have a Pokemon account with Google and the level is already big, but it is ignored because we prefer to play a new Ptc account that supports Map Scanner Bro Fadli TN.

Well we are going to use Ptc victim account so that our google account can get rare pokemon monsters. Before long, just follow this simple tutorial:

1. Open the link below, this is the tutor, brother Fadli, follow the tutorial to completion. Use a ptc account as a victim of the card scanner.

2. If so, many monsters have been discovered.

Card scanner (real time)

3. Open Pokemon GO on your smartphone, then sign in with your Google account

4. Use fake GPS / Bot (Anti-Softban) to search for Pokemon monsters previously detected in the card scanner

5. Tutorial done, Wassalam

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