How to find out who viewed our Instagram profile

Instagram is currently still the king of the most popular social media, especially for young people, both women and men. Safe in everyone Smartphone now it always isTo install that’s called Instagram.

This phenomenon is not only occurring in Indonesia, Instagram is also very popular all over the world, because with Instagram we can see the big wide world, watch cool photos of people we don’t know, or even watch videos posted on social networking -Site to be shared.

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Of course, if you really enjoy taking selfies or uploading your cool photos to Instagram, there will be a lot of people who will like your photos and share your photos.follow your Instagram account. But have you ever thought about it and wondered who would like to see your profile on Instagram? If so, then you should try the following method.


1. To install first application InstaVisit.

2. Then enter the application, write Username Your Instagram in the column that was further provided Tap Show visitors.

3. Wait a moment, then you will see the profile and Username anyone who frequently visits our Instagram profile.


For the Username-nYes sir locked and the profile is not showing, most likely the person has not shownfollow your instagram make it easy for yourself, good luck!

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