How to find out WhatsApp, other social media, and the contents of a partner’s cell phone

Finding out the contents of a cellphone like spouse, girlfriend, wife, husband, friends and even kids is now very easy without IT or other hacking knowledge, anyone can do it.

It is important to know WhatsApp chat, Facebook, Instagram, Line, phone logs, photos, videos and even all of your partner / girlfriend’s recent cell phone activity to find out the level of loyalty, whether they are cheating or not. Especially for those who have an LDR partner, husband / wife out of town, or a partner who is suspected of having changed. And can also supervise children when using their cell phones.

There are many ways or tutorials on the internet how to find a cell phone, be it on YouTube or on the website, but unfortunately it does not meet our needs, such as: B. incomplete methods or missing functions.

In this tutorial, the author now wants to provide a powerful and complete way to find out the contents of a cellphone to monitor WhatsApp chats and other social media accounts and we can also remotely control the victim’s cellphone / cellphone owner’s camera to Take photos. Take screenshots of chat content for evidence purposes, view photos and saved videos, know the location of the partner’s cell phone, view browsing activity and know all the activities of the partner’s cell phone.


  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Wechat, Viber, Kik, QQ, Snapchat
  • Take screenshots
  • Take camera photos
  • Photo and video gallery
  • Telephone contacts
  • Call logs
  • delivery boy
  • K3yl0ger
  • GPS locations
  • Location history
  • Record calls
  • App activities
  • browser history
  • Geofence
  • Lo9er WLAN
  • calendar

This tutorial can be used for users Android Yet iPhone (iOS):

1. First download the application

Download ClevGuard / KidsGuard Android

Download ClevGuard / KidsGuard iPhone iOS

Once installed on the mobile phone, this application is no longer visible (hidden), the icon disappears and is disguised as a system application. So the victim won’t know.

You can download ClevGuard using your mobile browser or directly from the victim’s mobile phone. It is highly recommended that you download it directly from the victim / partner’s mobile phone so that you do not have to resubmit the application. Because this application must be installed on the victim’s cell phone / partner.

Tips: To borrow a partner’s cell phone so that it won’t be suspected, please borrow for a variety of reasonable reasons when the partner’s condition is busy, resting, or sleeping.

2. Make sure you have registered for an account on the website first.

3. Once you have registered, please install the application on the partner / girlfriend / victim’s mobile phone

The installation method is very simple, just follow the installation instructions, you will be automatically directed to each setting. because it is necessary to allow all access necessary for the application to run properly.

4. When it is installed, you will be asked to log into the previously registered account and later the application icon installed on the partner / victim’s mobile phone will disappear or be invisible so it is safe and the partner does not know.

5. The next step we’ve been waiting for is monitoring the partner / victim’s cell phone that we installed earlier

Please open the ClevGuard dashboard via your HP or laptop browser and log in with the previously registered email address to access the dashboard. Here is the login link address for the ClevGuard panel.

This is what the dashboard looks like. Very complete. You can privately monitor it from here.

For example, you can see the content of the chat along with screenshots. wow great right? So there is no longer any reason for couples to lie

In addition, the partner’s mobile phone camera can take photos remotely without being noticed, display the content of the photos and the gallery and also take screenshots to see what the couple is doing on their mobile phone and what our partner is doing with their HP hehehe

You also don’t have to worry if chat content, phone logs, photos and videos are deleted on the partner / victim’s mobile phone, the information will not be lost or deleted on the dashboard as it is automatically saved on the website.

What do you think is good and interesting, isn’t it that easy to monitor your partner’s HP? Much luck.

Additional information: To fully enjoy this application, you must subscribe or purchase it for $ 29.95 for 1 month, $ 49.95 for 3 months, and $ 99.95 for 1 year.

For the price, it doesn’t compare to the very important information we get later (very worth it) for the integrity of the relationship with the partner, be it in advertising or in marriage.

Because this allows us to protect our partners from actors or partners, once we step into the initial stages of suspicious introductions, we can prevent them from entering into a deeper relationship that leads to damage to domestic relationships with their partner / girlfriend.

In addition to monitoring actors or supervisors, this application also allows us to monitor children’s interactions while using cell phones so that we can properly control and monitor them. So that, as parents, in the midst of busyness and ignorance, we can save our children from the influence of promiscuity.

To purchase this application, you can use credit card or PayPal payment. Good for those who

A demo of its functions can be found here ClevGuard Demo

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