How to find out weather information for all Indonesian airports on Android

Weather conditions have a major impact on aircraft flight schedules. Bad weather usually results in airports canceling or delaying flights for passengers. Bad weather will result in the plane canceling takeoff or landing at the airport because the risks are too great. Flight delays or cancellations will disappoint customers as they disrupt each passenger’s flight schedule.

For those of you who plan to travel by air, it’s a good idea to check out the weather updates so you can assess the flight schedule. When the weather is bad, you can anticipate and take various travel options. To find out airport weather, you can check the internet for weather updates.

Information on earthquakes and weather can be found on the BMKG website. On the other hand, BMKG has also launched an application that can be easily used and accessed via our Android. With this application we can easily get information and get notifications of updates on natural disasters and the latest weather. This application also provides airport weather updates across Indonesia. In this article, the author explains how to use the BMKG application to get weather information for airports across Indonesia.


1. Download the application is here BMKG info

2. Open the app BMKG on your Android device.

3. Click on Triple stripe icon at the top left of the BMKG homepage and select an option Airport weather.

4. You can enter the name of the airport or search for the symbol of the nearest airport in your city. Select View details to view the weather forecast.

5. This application displays the hourly weather forecast.

6. Done.

How to get weather information for airports across Indonesia with the BMKG application. Hope it’s useful.

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