How to find out the price of a website or blog

For those of you who have a site / blog and want to sell the site or blog but don’t know what the estimated price of the site or blog is, don’t be confused and concerned because this article will do provide a reference on how to find out the price of a website.

This is a great way to estimate the price of your website when you are ready to sell it. Here are the steps:


1. Visit the website

2. Enter the blog domain / website You want to find the verification code. (This time I’ll take over the domain For example).

3rd Tap ‘Calculate’ and wait for the process Loadingit is finished.

4. The estimated price is out.

The prices shown are estimates no Fixed price, the estimated price is calculated based on the number of clicks on the website per day. For a definitive price, you still need to communicate with the website / blog owner. Complete.

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