How to find other Telegram users in your area

In general, contacts or friendship accounts in chat applications only come from contact phone numbers available on cell phones. But it’s no different from social media apps; Telegram has the ability to search for other accounts, groups and channels using the search box feature. But did you know that Telegram users can also search for other accounts or groups that are close to you?

Add the “people in the vicinity” function to the telegram

To find other Telegram user accounts in places near you, you can simply use the “Add people nearby” function. To use this feature, users do not need any additional applications or Telegram bots as this feature is automatically available when the Telegram application is installed on the device.

Adding Nearby People will instantly recognize and search for the Telegram account of anyone near you. This feature sorts the Telegram accounts of other users based on the closest distance to your current location. In addition to discovering and searching for other Telegram accounts, this feature also shows local groups at your location.

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1. Open the Telegram application and just click three lines Open Account Settings. Select menu contacts. To search for other Telegram accounts in your area, click on Add people nearby.

How to find other Telegram users in nearby locations

2. Telegram will automatically display other Telegram accounts in locations near you. Scroll down to view Telegram groups that are also in locations near you. Accounts or groups that appear are sorted by the location closest to you at that time.

How to find other Telegram users in nearby locations

3. Click on Make me visible to be able to view your account in this feature for adding people nearby. This means that your account will later be visible to other Telegram users when they search for Telegram accounts in their area (other Telegram users). And click Create a local group to create a local group.

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4. Click on Stop showing me to prevent your account from appearing or showing up in the Add People Nearby feature. Your Telegram account is no longer visible to other Telegram users.

How to find other Telegram users in nearby locations


The “Add People Nearby” feature in the Telegram application makes it easier for users to find friends close to your location. It also tells you which local groups are in your area. Without realizing it, this function can also be used as a medium to promote local businesses.

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