How to Find More Friends Online for GB Clover

Hi everyone, there must be some of you who might just install the LINE application to play Games like LINE LET’s GET RICH and so on and you guys are sure to complain a little about your friends playing Games it’s just a little. Well, here is the perfect solution to grow your friends Games and of course very easy to do for everyone. Just follow the tutorial!

Information: We recommend using a new account or an account to play with Games.


1. Download Invite more for the LINE Game app on Google Play. Then open the application.

2. There are 3 tab, please click tab what looks like a sign on the right (see picture).

3. Then select the Indonesian flag.

4. When you have, you get a lot Username. please guys Add username what you want

The full action will come out later, please use the “LINE” application

5. Then click only once or always (free of charge). Then click Add friend.


Remarks :

Thousands have been registered in the application Username who want to be invited to play Games, but not all Games on LINE yes. Just a few and see Games played by Username You can see the name Games the one below Username their LINES.

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