How to find jobs on Facebook

Facebook is a social medium that was created and developed by the Facebook company with its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, changing the name of the social media they have made, namely Instagram to Instagram From Facebook and WhatsApps to WhatsApps from Facebook.

The reason for this was that Facebook social media had such a drastic drop in users that it wanted to get previous Facebook users to return to Facebook. In addition, Facebook offers many functions that, according to the author, are very helpful for its users, such as a job function with which one can search for or create job offers as desired. More than millions of job postings have been created in one of Facebook’s newest features. Wondering how to find vacancies on Facebook? Here is the tutorial.


1. Open the page Facebook and do not forget Sign up to your Facebook account.

2. Then on your home page in the menu discover text See more and click on the text.

3. Then you will find a menu item with the name Jobs like the picture below and you click on the text.

4. You will be taken to a new page where you can find, organize, or run various types of jobs filter the kind of work you want

5. Done

Remarks: Be careful when choosing a job, as anyone can use this form to hire jobs to look for workers. Perhaps there are people who are not responsible by using this access to take unwanted action the job seeker, if you also want to find an employee, you can also use the services of Facebook.

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