How to find intruders on our Android phones

This time Smartphone has become an obligation that has to belong to almost everyone Smartphone always and everywhere more reliable. It is like a personal assistant, all important data, important documents, photos or videos are saved in one file Smartphone that we have.

Hence the privacy and security issues that exist in Smartphone we become a very sensitive and indispensable thing. One way to do this is to give password or sample Smartphone so that it cannot be opened by anyone.

But the name is also human, sometimes we can be negligent and bet Smartphone we are inconsiderate. It’s even worse when we have friends, siblings, or even friends who always want to know what’s inside Smartphone us and secretly access it without our knowledge.

Well, we as owners are certainly often curious about who is tinkering with our favorite smartphone. If so, maybe you can try the following method to find people who are curious Smartphone She.

How to find intruders on our Android smartphone

1. Install the Security Master application.

2. Run the Security Master application, bring up the menu with the 3 white lines in the upper right corner and then select the burglar portrait.

3. Select the applications that you want to protect, then select Protect. You will then be asked to create a pattern.

4. After you are done with the pattern, you will be prompted to enable usage access. All you have to do is swipe and enable Security Master usage access.

5. Return to the intruder portrait menu in step 2, enter settings Tap At symbol Gears you then set the wrong effort according to your wishes.

On this way Smartphone You will be safe from people who want to infiltrate your Android.

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