How to Find an Android Phone With Applause

Have you ever forgotten where to lie? Smartphone or Android device? Even if you hold or see it not that long ago? And if you search, you still can’t find it? It happens to almost everyone. To find the whereabouts Smartphones, In general, we ask people around us for help to make calls or send messages. However, what if Smartphone we are in condition plane. This can of course make us even more confused and panicked.

Don’t worry, the Find My Device application makes it easy for us to find it Smartphone or Android device. Find Smartphone or Android device we only have to clap twice.

How to set up and use the application ‘Find my device‘? It’s very simple, all you need to do is follow the steps below.


1. Download use Find my device in the PlayStore and install.

2. Open the app ‘Find my device“That was installed.

3. Activate menu ‘Search by clapping‘,’Double gossip‘, and ‘power saving mode‘. To add vibration and lightning while clapping, you can switch to the premium version.

4. Click the ‘Choose melody“To add the sound that appears when you clap your hands.

For the free version, the application is’Find my device‘offers only 2 melodies to choose from, namely standard and meow. Choose one. To add a selection of melodies, you can switch to the premium version.

5. Finally activate the application ‘Find my device‘push the button’Hide‘.

6. Done. Now you no longer have to be confused if you forget to bet Smartphone or your Android device.

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Find Location Smartphone with applause ”. Much luck.

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