How to Find All the Locations and Types of Pokemon Go in Different Countries

Pokemon Go is a game that invites us to leave or go out of the house to find out the whereabouts of a Pokemon. Games This prevents you from just staying at home. In order to search for Pokemon we need to have maps or references so that we can more easily find the Pokemon we want and know what types of Pokemon are in the place we want to visit.

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Here are some Pokemon Go cards that can be your reference for figuring out what types are in this place or place. is a website that is said to show the presence of Pokemon in real time as it has a time when the Pokemon appears and disappears. This website can be relied on to search for rare Pokemon.


2. is a website that provides information on the existing types of Pokémon and the locations of many Pokémon in each city and country, but the Pokémon do not appear in real time.

Here's how to know all the locations and types of Pokemon Go in different countries

3. Pokemon Go Maps (Global) and Gotta Catch’em All (Boston) are Pokemon Go maps created through Google Maps that display information about the types and types of Pokemon that exist in the world and in the Boston area, USA , exist. but unfortunately there is not yet for the country Indonesia, you can drive there with the help of fake GPS.

How to Find All the Locations and Types of Pokemon Go in Different Countries 2

You can sort Type Which Pokémon would you like to see based on? Type-and can also see the presence of PokeStops and Gyms.

4. is a reference site dedicated to the location of PokeStops and gyms in each country.

pokestops and gyms places pokemon go

5. The same page as pokecrew, pokemapper can also be a reference location on the map to find the Pokémon you want.

Suggestions for opening the Pokemon Go folder on a desktop computer to make it easier and faster. Hopefully useful for friends who hunt Pokemon.

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