How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Smartphone

In 2022, smartphone like something that everyone should have. The development of the times is very fast and modern, smartphone we easily have. Even more, smartphone which is getting more and more sophisticated. But, have you ever imagined smartphone your beloved suddenly disappeared and will never come back again?

Of course it will make us upset and angry yes. But take it easy, this time have a Tips to Find Lost Smartphone Easily. Out of curiosity, just take a look below.

Here are Tips for Finding Lost Smartphones Easily

Smartphone such as mandatory items that must be owned and carried by everyone. But, what if smartphone the one you always carry suddenly disappears? confused, upset and angry that’s probably what you will feel. But don’t worry, there’s a way to find it smartphone lost easily. Previously all these methods will work if the account Google you are still in smartphone that’s what’s missing.

1. Find My Device

Application developed by this really helps people who have lost smartphone. With the app Find My Device you can use this to find smartphone lost you. Here’s how.

Install the Find My Device Application

  • You must login as a guest and enter the Google account that is on the lost smartphone

Login as Guest and Enter the Google Account on the Lost Smartphone

  • You Will Find The Last Location of Your Lost Smartphone

You will find the last location of the lost smartphone

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2. Google Location History “Timeline”

The next way is to take advantage of the features of Google that is Timeline. This feature will provide a history of the trip smartphone you are lost. That way you can find out the last location of smartphone you. Here’s how.

  • Login to the Google Account on the Lost Smartphone on the PC

Google Account Login

  • Next Select Menu Then Maps

Select Menu -> Select Maps

  • Choose Your Timeline Feature

Choose Your Timeline

  • Select Today to View Today’s Travel History

Select Today to View Today’s Travel History

  • Here’s Today’s Trip History View

Today’s Travel History

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3. Samsung Find My Mobile

The next tip is Samsung Find My Mobile. However, this method can only be used by Samsung Smartphones just. Here’s how.

  • Go to Samsung Find My Mobile Website on PC


  • Login with Your Samsung Account

Login with Your Samsung Account

  • Last Seen Location of Your Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Smartphone Last Location

Ring My Device

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4. Google Photos

The following method is quite different from the others, yep! this method uses photos to find the last location smartphone you are lost. First, make sure first smartphone you have activated Backup and Sync on Google Photos. Here’s how.

  • Visit the Google Photos Website


  • Login with Google Account on the Lost Smartphone

Google Account Login

  • Display After Login and You Will Find Last Photo taken

Last photo taken

  • Select then Click the Recently Taken Photo and Select Info “i”

Photo Display After Clicking

  • You will find the last location of the photo

Last Location of Photo

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Well it’s quite easy not to find smartphone missing. If only there was a way to easily find a lost crush or girlfriend like the method above, surely many would want it.

Ok that’s him How to Find Lost Smartphone Easily. If, you have suggestions or opinions other than the above. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Like and Share

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