How to Find a Lost Android Phone Using Gmail

When you feel bad, anything can happen. Including loss WL Lover. It just feels annoying because we may be storing a lot of data there. If so, how do we find it? Or even if you can simply delete all the data on the mobile phone so that it is not misused.

Fortunately, Google understands all of these problems. Now, with the advanced technology, Google can help find a neat mobile phone with features.Find your phone “.

The facility can download also free of charge in the Google Play Store. But if you don’t want to bother, you can simply go to the system Gmail which we have. Here’s how to find a lost Android phone with no application using Gmail easily:


1. Open the following site address

2. Complete the column with the initials and password Accounts that still exist WL miss. Then it looks like this.

3. After the display looks like the picture above, we can try to call WL the missing by selecting the button ring.

4. If you cannot hear a dial tone, you can try to find the last location WL by selecting the button Locate.

5. You can also choose different facilities listed under the options ring and Locate. Including remote locking WL the missing one when you don’t have a lock screen.

If we want to lock the screen, choose the button lock your phone. Then a screen like the one below appears.

After that, enter the password to lock the screen WL miss. So there is a possibility of abuse of the WL Losses can be minimized.

We can also warn if someone opens the lost cell phone. These words appear on the screen when WL switched on.

6. Another option is to delete all data in the file WL miss. One last option that is actually very difficult, but rather than the important data that is being misused.

The trick is to push the button Erase your data at the bottom of the plant Find my cell phone on google. After selecting the button Erase my data will look like the following picture.

In this section, Google once again explains the possibility of deleting data. Google will let you know if the data on the external storage cannot be erased and suggest that you use the ring, location and lock functions first.

In addition, Google informs you that not all data in Google storage will be lost, but all access to Google via your Gmail account will be blocked.

If there is no other way, you can select the button Yes, delete itto allow Google data loss procedures in WL that has been lost. If you choose not to overthrow or rethink it, you can select the button No thank you.

So much for the author’s own experience of losing WL Android almost all facilities on offer run as planned. moment WL what was lost is found again, on the screen there is a locking system that we had before the settings. If the lock can then be opened, the warning words are also visible.

Complete. Good luck, hopefully your lost Android will be found again.

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