How to Find a Free Internet Area in Yogyakarta

On Thursday (September 12th, 2022) the local government of Yogyakarta officially launched an application called Jogja Istimewa. Reported from the official website of Diskominfo Yogyakarta, the application called Jogja Istimewa is an application that summarizes 97% of the information about Yogyakarta such as:

  • Trip.
  • Hotels and accommodations.
  • Culinary.
  • Shopping mall.
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Heritage.
  • Craft.
  • Public service.
  • Flight plan information and much more.

Of the much information that Yogyakarta local government provides through the Jogja Istimewa application, the information that attracts the most attention and is perhaps the most sought after pulls the free internet area information.

If you know the free internet area in the Yogyakarta area, you can always use it. Now we are going to discuss how to use the Jogja Istimewa application to find free internet spaces in the Yogyakarta area. Already know? If not, please see the tutorial below.


1. Please download the Jogja Isttimewa application first and install it on your mobile phone.

2. If so, please open the application and select About.

3. Select a free internet area.

4. You can see how many free internet areas there are in Yogyakarta.

5. For more details, please tap the area.

6. If it is still not detailed, you can tap it again.

7. Done.

Those of you currently working or studying in Yogyakarta should have the Jogja Istimewa application installed on your phone because if you need free internet access, you already know which areas to visit to get internet access. In addition to free internet area information, there is of course other information that you can obtain. So please download the application.

This is a tutorial on how to find free internet areas in Yogyakarta. Hope it’s useful.

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