How to filter negative comments on an Instagram account

The word Instagram is made up of the word “instant” and the word “telegram”. The word instant is the basis for the naming of insta, which means something like a polarid camera, which was better known as instant photos at the time. Whereas the word telegram refers to a tool that works to quickly send information to other people.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing application loved by children to parents. There are billions of photos from around the world on Instagram. There are several types of photo views, ranging from original photos to edited photos. In addition to sharing photos and videos, Instagram also has many other features that are very useful for users, such as Instastory, IGTV, Comments and Likes, and Explorations. But now Instagram brings a new feature, namely the video call function.

For social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, the comment area is one of the most important functions. Internet users can easily leave comment messages for account holders via the comment column. Recently, however, internet users love to leave negative comment messages followed by harsh words in the social media comment column.

Comments disabled functions

In response, the Instagram application offers a feature to disable the comment field. By using this feature, Instagram activists can freely post photos on social media without viewing or reading comments. However, this method is not very effective for entrepreneurs promoting their products on Instagram. Entrepreneurs need netizen comments as product testimonials and to evaluate their products. But don’t worry, Instagram also offers a feature to filter negative comments in the Instagram comments column. This way, it will only show good comment messages in the comments column of Instagram account and remove rude comment messages.

Then how do you filter out all the negative comments on your Instagram account? It’s easy, let’s just follow a few simple steps below.


1. Download and To install Instagram app on your device. Create an account or sign in to an Instagram account.

2. Select your Instagram account profile, click on the three lines in the top right corner and select the menu ‘arrangement‘.

3. In the settings menu, find and select the ‘privacy‘. Just select the settings menu ‘comment‘.

4. Activate function ‘Hide offensive comments‘ and done. Now all of your posts will be protected from negative comments from internet users. As? It’s easy, isn’t it?

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Filter Negative Comments on an Instagram Account’. Much luck.

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