How to Fight in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Finally Nanatsu no Taizai released the game on mobile titled Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. This game is brought to you by Netmarble which of course doesn’t play with the graphics and gameplay. This game can be downloaded at:

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

This game is a turn-based MMORPG that can be played on mobile. Grand Cross is based on the famous Seven Deadly Sins or Nanatsu no Taizai anime. So Mobileague friends can play characters in the anime while enjoying the story.

Battle System

How to Fight in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross
Team Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

When fighting with the opposing team, your team consists of 4 main characters and 4 supporters. After the battle starts, the initial 3 main characters will be active. When one of them dies, it will be replaced with a sub character. The supporter’s job is to increase the status and increase the ultimate strength.

How to Use Skill Cards

At the beginning of the battle, you will be given a set of cards consisting of 7 random cards. The card is the skill of the characters you play. When it’s your turn, you can use the card a number of the main characters who are still alive.

Every time you use a card, it will reduce the allotment of card usage in one turn. How to use the card is as follows:
– Press the card to use it
– Card movement to move it

Card ranking

How to Fight in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Each card has 3 different ranks depending on the star. The more stars, the stronger the card. Cards can be ranked up to increase their strength and sometimes they can also add a strong effect.

To increase the rank of the card, 2 of the same card that is also the same rank must be next to each other. The trick is to slide the card so that its position moves or play another card until the same card is next to each other.

How to issue Ultimate Skill

How to Fight in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Every time you rank up, use or move a card, that character gets one ultimate point. When you collect 5 ultimate points, you will get the character’s ultimate skill in the next turn.

What do you think, Mobileague friends, how unique and exciting is the way of fighting? According to the author, this exciting anime game with an interesting story is rare in mobile games. Let’s just download it directly above!

Download and Play Now

So how? Are you ready for an adventure with new friends. It’s really fun to play the game Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Indonesia, so just download the game right now at

Download Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross AndroidDownload Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross iOS

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