How to extract audio from video with KineMaster

Besides being used as a sophisticated communication tool, for those of you who like the world, editing It is certain that you can use this smart electronic device as your work material at the same time Movie or edit it. But did you know the application KineMaster also has an interesting feature, namely the Extract Audio. This function has the function of separating audio or sound from a video.

You can also use this function to create compilations that combine two videos and combine them into interesting videos. For example, you can use this feature to you b, or your favorite movie voice actor. By removing the sound from the video, you are replacing it with your voice or vice versa. You take the audio out of the video and replace it with your video.


1. Download and To install use KineMaster Pro

2. Create a new project, and Select aspect ratio the videos you want.

3. Press the media menu and find the video file you want to extract from the media gallery.

4. After that Click on the video object what was inserted then Select symbol scissors or cut. There you will then see several options. Select only Extract audio. The extraction process has been completed so far. However, for more details, you can delete the previously inserted video and replace it with the desired photo or video file in the same way as before.

5. The last step is to save. click Share symbol on the left side of the screen. Choose resolution what you need then press the export button.

These are the steps for the how extract Audio from videos with KineMaster. Much luck.

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