How to export documents as PDF to Google Drive Android

This tutorial will show you how to use Android to export e-documents to PDF for files stored in Google Drive. This is useful when you are on the go or away from home but need to complete school or college assignments in a short amount of time.

The job is to use Google products to electronically create documents such as Docs for Papers, magazine reviews, reports, and other academic papers. After that, you’ll change the e-document to become a PDF so that others can easily read it and also print it.

The author provides a guide on how to export e-documents to PDF on Google Drive Android. This e-document is intended for document files in the form of Google Docs (Documents), Google Sheets (Number Processing), and Google Slides (Presentation). This is useful for converting e-documents to PDFs that are in Google Drive for them to print or download documents to press.


1. Tap the Main Menu button.

2. Open the Google Drive application and make sure the Google Drive application is the latest.

3. Find the name of the e-document file that will be exported as PDF. Then tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the selected e-document file.

4. Tap Print / To press.

5. Tap the PDF icon to export from -e-document to PDF.

6. Save the file on the storage medium Smartphoneby naming the file you want. Then tap on SAVE.

7. To view the results, open the File Manager application – Select the storage medium on which you will save the file – Browse for the file – Tap the file to open the PDF file.

So you can export the e-documents that are in your Google Drive to a PDF file so that the e-documents can be printed via Android, which makes this easier since you no longer have to use a laptop or computer.

Especially when you are on a trip but still have tasks to do with the electronic creation of documents that will be converted to PDFs so that those tasks can only be done properly with Smartphone only.

How to Export E-Documents to PDF on Google Drive Android. Hope it’s useful.

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