How to enter a password when sending WhatsApp photos

Using the WhatsApp application, we can easily send and share different types of files including photos. But what if the photos we’re going to send are personal and important? Make it easy for yourself by using the Image to PDF Converter application. We no longer have to worry about sending important photos to WhatsApp. Because this application ensures the safety of important photos by providing it password internally. So that not everyone can open and view photos, except for people who have given us the password.

You don’t have to wait any longer. Just follow the steps below to provide WhatsApp photos password using Image to PDF Converter application.

1. Download the Image to PDF Converter app from Smartphone She.

2. Open the Image to PDF Converter application.

3. Click the ‘sign+‘.

Find the photo you want to send.

4. Select multiple photos and clickcomplete‘.

5. To give Passwords, Click on the sign ‘PDF‘ in the menu.

6. A dialog box appears for you to enter the name of the contribution and Passwords.

7. Enter the name of the submission file and click the check box password protection. Enter the password, click OK.

8. The file can now be sent, select the symbol share‘.

9. Choose WhatsApp. In fact, besides sending to WhatsApp, you can also send photos via bluetooth or send email.

10. Select your destination number and click the ‘signsend‘.

11. The photo has now been sent to the designated WhatsApp number. Click the submission file to view the results.

12. The inquiry dialog appears password. contents passwordand click Open.

13. Done, you can now see the photo. It’s that simple, isn’t it.

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to assign a password when sending WhatsApp photos’. Much luck.

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