How to enlarge the Xiaomi Android screen

Everyone has different health requirements, especially the health of one of the most important organs in our body, namely the eyes. Elderly or middle-aged people will definitely experience decreased eyesight, such as: B. Difficulty or poor clarity in seeing lowercase letters.

So you need to wear glasses to read books or digital devices with small letters. Usually indoors Smartphone there is already a function to enlarge the displayed letters, but sometimes this function does user interface by doing Smartphone less attractive.

To solve the problem of the people who don’t understand the manufacturers lowercase letters Smartphone Xiaomi added a magnify gesture function inside Smartphone their production. This function is used to enlarge all views on the screen Smartphone Xiaomi only when needed.

Activating the function is very simple, here are the steps to activate the magnify signal function in the Smartphone Xiaomi.


1. First go to the settings menu (the settings)scroll Down – Tap Additional settings (Additional settings).

2. Thereafter Tap Accessibility – scroll Look for the “Magnify Gesture” option – Tap Magnification signal.

3. Activate the magnify gesture function by pressing Tap Icon indicated by the arrow in the image below.

The “magnification gesture” function is already active.

How to use:

Tap Screen three times to zoom in and drag with two or more fingers to explore the screen. Back to the display as before Tap Screen three times in a row.

Note: This function can work in any display except for keyboard and navigation bar.

This is the tutorial on how to enlarge the screen Smartphone Xiaomi. Much luck.

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